YouGen Sharp Standard Annual Seat License 2023-2024

This Standard tier license shares all the features of the Free tier license, but the resultant generated solution/project/code is licensed to allow customization/extension and is permitted for Production/Commercial use.

Registered consumers of the Standard license tier may download the YouGen Sharp code generation runtime and execute it targeting their database(s). The resultant generated solution and its contained code and content may then be evaluated, compiled, and additionally is licensed to permit customization/extension. Runtimes deriving from Standard tier licensed generation licensed for Production/Commercial use.

Generated Solution/Project Features:

  • .NET 6/7 C# codebase
  • Entity Framework Core 6/7 Repositories for all database tables and views
  • Swashbuckle Swagger UI API Metadata generator and integration test provider
  • HTTP REST API Server/Client

Download Generated Solution Samples to demonstrate architecture, included features, and code style

Generated Solution/Project Hierarchy:

  • Solution
    • SQL Entities Project 
      • Entities
    • Back End Database Client Project
      • Repositories
    • Back End Common Project
      • Request Handlers
    • Back End HTTP REST API C# Server Project
      • Controllers
    • Front End HTTP REST API C# Client Project
      • Clients