About us

The mission:

Building remarkable software is a multi-faceted effort that takes the best of personalities, skillsets, strategies, and technlologies. Productivity, performance, quality, and timely delivery are forever adversaries in the real world where organizations have finite resources. Every software development team is a unique composition of standards and preferences, and top-quality software engineers have more opportunities than ever in a market where demand far outpaces supply.

So how can organizations optimize their productive effort to yield the best outcomes?

  • Use abstractions and 3rd-party code, but licensing and perfect-fit can be limiting
  • Bloat payroll or hire consultants/contractors but that can be unsustainably costly to budgets
  • Rent SaaS and low/no code options, but they risk becoming forever beholden to contracts, roadmap drift, and ongoing cost
  • Consume open-source, but open-source comes with its own host of concerns regarding security, longevity, and licensing gotchas
  • Refine project management practices, Agile (or similar manifesto-driven methodologies), devops, and teaming platforms. Sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze on these if employed properly, but commoditizing your staff can lead to attrition
  • How about outsourcing/offshoring? You either know how to pull this off well or you're in for a costly nightmare

There's a better way! YouGen was founded on the principle that creative human professionals and machines are good at different things, and success in software product and service markets requires optimizing on strengths.

Humans are best (and machines are relatively poor) with:

  • Creative expression
  • Aesthetic design
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Architecting systems
  • Abstract problem solving
  • Innovating and invention through applying their unique personal history, skills, and education
  • Identifying use-cases for anti-pattern

Machines are best (and humans are relatively poor) with:

  • Math
  • Statistics
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Detecting patterns
  • Executing a large number of tasks in a particular order without error
  • Multidimensional logic
  • Parallelism/multitasking
  • Strict adherence to patterns/standards/rules
  • Predictability of outcomes

YouGen Sharp was designed from the ground up by highly experienced software engineers who love c#, its platforms, and its capabilities. We built an engine that creates rapid productivity for software teams by delivering a tool which analyzes relational data schemas and uses that data to generate whole c# software ecosystems. YouGen Sharp boldly chooses to take a stance on coding standards, technology, and implementation choices to produce fully-functional solutions that developers can configure, customize, and extend to fully encompass their software endeavor.  WE focus on architecture, platforms, interoperability, testability, modularity, performance, intuitivity, and productivity so YOU can focus on what your business really needs; core, proprietary, innovative business logic that creates real business value.

  • Your team doesn't have an architect? No problem, YouGen Sharp delivers modern architecture.
  • Analisis paralysis? Your team's having trouble agreeing on standards, choices, preferences, technologies? We've all been there. We set the standard so you don't have to. Reformat it all at once if you like.
  • Want to upgrade from DotNet Framework but can't facilitate an upgrade or justify a rewrite? We'll get you up to 90% of the way to fully delivered.
  • Tired of writing repetitive boilerplate and want to focus on the solving the interesting problems?  Yep, us too.  Done.
  • Need modularity, testability, and scoped integration points but never have the time to do it? That's every team. Covered.
  • Documentation?  Do it once in the database and we'll propogate it through.
  • Need realtime services? YouGen Sharp generates SignalR Websocket clients and servers.
  • Supporting SOAP services still?  Gain huge performance increases with a generated in-place Core WCF in-place upgrade.
  • Want to try Blazor Server or Webassembly but need a starting point? YouGen Sharp generates front ends.